Flutie 5k - Oct. 2, 2016

Great day for running at the Flutie 5k!  TIm's brother, Peter, joined us today and led the way to a 2nd place age group finish, with Makai trailing not far behind for a 5k road PR!!  Makai's been working hard on his HS XC team this year and we're so proud of him! Ryan and Coach AJ finished next, followed by Ryan's dad, Will and his dad, Makai's dad, then Andrew, our anchor, bringing it home for the team with his priceless excitement when he crosses a finish line. Tim's mom finished with Andrew and his mentor. Great job everyone!  

Summer Team Meet

The Peabody and Lexington/Cambridge groups came together to wrap up a hot summer season with our team meet on Saturday in Lexington! Summer attendance was fairly light, but we had a good turnout of 14 Saturday which made for a really fun morning.  We were having so much fun these are the only pics we got.

Everyone was required to do at least 2 track events.  Most also gave the field events a go too. Events were 100m, 200m, 400m, mile, softball throw, turbo jav, and long jump. There were a few goosebump moments, PR's, lots of smiles, and even more food.  Ribbons to all with their results for each event.

Thanks Coaches! And thank you to all the families for helping whether you brought food, were assigned a job, or cheered! 

Peabody Kickoff!

Thanks all for a great kick off clinic in Peabody today!  Thank you Dick's Sporting Goods for the new equipment. And thanks to Nicole Ogin who is enthusiastically coaching this group.

Nicole is a Personal Trainer and is also RRCA certified.  She has done work in the Peace Corps and has coached various groups of runners including a team of blind runners. Excited to have Nicole and her energy with VERGE!

It's hard to hand off, but I was so thrilled to meet everyone and even see a familiar face from Lexington!  Can't wait to get the groups together for future team events. 

Have fun everyone!  

Journey to fast!

Big day for this guy! New race chair! Well earned, I'd say, after a full year of training in his regular wheelchair, up to a mile around the track every practice, boring drills, and working those hills to build his "puffy" muscles - those are a favorite, but I think it was really all about the flying fast downs.  It's hard to stay motivated when you go faster running with your walker than on wheels. 

Without support, there's no journey, and this dude's got lots. Thanks Coach Matt P. & his wife for the generous donation, Timmy's parents, Coach Matt R. for preparing him for this big day and keeping him hanging in there through some frustrating times, Timmy's mom for her incredible persistent effort, and to our friends at Adaptive Sports NE/Paralympic Sports Club - such a friendly, welcoming, kind, and fun bunch of people who are helping along the way with the resources and programs they provide.  Let the journey to FAST continue!  Go Timmy!

Indoor Track Meet

2016 Indoor Team Track Meet

2016 Indoor Team Track Meet

What a blast! We had so much fun wrapping up our indoor season on Sunday, March 13, with our team track meet. Everyone did 2-3 run events and the field events of their choice. Parents, volunteers and coaches all pitched in and did an awesome job with timing, measuring, check in, recording results on ribbons, break down, cheering, and making sure everyone got to their events. Runners all did so well, giving their best efforts all around. Great job everyone!  

Indoor track - Round and Round and Round we go...

Some of us would never stop if we weren't forced to! We haven't been hibernating. We've been wintering on the indoor track. It took a bit of adjusting to the new environment and routine (and odd size 146m, 4 lane track), for all of us I think, but we got there! Lots of new faces this season as we build on the drills, running and stretching with an intro to field events (softball throw, shot put, turbo javelin, and standing long jump), and some functional strength.  The team also got their first dose of a circuit workout last week. We're preparing now for wrapping up the indoor season with our team meet in March where everyone will compete in at least 2 run events and 1 field event. Then its back outdoors!

Flutie 5k

A few of our crew ran at the 16th Annual Flutie 5k on Sunday. What a fantastic race. Makai led us in with a strong uphill sprint finish leaving Coach Matt P. in the dust (with the baby stroller), followed by Ryan, then Will who ran his first 5k without stopping! Next in was Jack M., Jack U., Aidan who also ran his first 5k without stopping, and Andrew. We were joined by our friend Liam who came down from NH. Thanks, coaches, parents, and guides. Great job everyone!!