Always growing; on the verge of the next level athletically, personally, and socially.



  • Inclusive Running and Wheelchair Club
  • Adults and Youth, ages 7+
  • With and without intellectual, developmental, emotional/behavioral, or physical challenges
  • All abilities
  • Membership is FREE
  • Family members, friends, and aides welcome.
  • We have limited volunteers to run with those needing a buddy.  

We hold coached practices throughout the year where participants train for fitness, for fun, for races, or to prepare for inclusion in school sports. In addition to team practices, members have opportunities throughout the year to participate or compete in mainstream or para events in:

Track & Field

Road Racing

Cross Country

Trail Running

Team Events

With VERGE, participants train in a fun, friendly, educational, and supportive team environment, where they can try new things and push their limits while receiving the individual attention and challenge they need for success at reaching their ever expanding levels of potential. 

We are not just a program, we are a club. We are a place where members belong; a place to train together or gain independence; a place members can come and go throughout the year or for consistent training; a place where everyone supports and respects each other and each other's differences. We are a team.




Proceeds benefit Verge

CONverge Road Race & Art fest

June 24

Alcott School, Concord, Ma

More info at www.teamverge.org/race

SPRING SEASON starts april 23

Go to Registration page to sign up.

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