Journey to fast!

Big day for this guy! New race chair! Well earned, I'd say, after a full year of training in his regular wheelchair, up to a mile around the track every practice, boring drills, and working those hills to build his "puffy" muscles - those are a favorite, but I think it was really all about the flying fast downs.  It's hard to stay motivated when you go faster running with your walker than on wheels. 

Without support, there's no journey, and this dude's got lots. Thanks Coach Matt P. & his wife for the generous donation, Timmy's parents, Coach Matt R. for preparing him for this big day and keeping him hanging in there through some frustrating times, Timmy's mom for her incredible persistent effort, and to our friends at Adaptive Sports NE/Paralympic Sports Club - such a friendly, welcoming, kind, and fun bunch of people who are helping along the way with the resources and programs they provide.  Let the journey to FAST continue!  Go Timmy!