What ages participate in the program?

We are open to ages 7 and up, youth and adults.  We currently have ages 7-35, plus parents/mentors, most are ages 7-20.

Does my child/do I need to be a good athlete to join?

No.  We are open to everyone regardless of athletic ability.  Workouts at practice are tailored to individual abilities. 

Does my child need to come to every practice?

No. BUT...If you are looking to develop fitness, or comfort with participating with the group, we encourage and greatly stress the importance of being as consistent as possible and coming out as often as possible because they will benefit the most from it. We ask that if you know in advance that you will not be attending a practice that you let the head coach know.

Please keep in mind that while running is a very simple activity, it is actually very hard to do and painful if you are not in shape. It doesn't take much to develop the fitness, but you have to do it regularly. If your kid is having a hard time, think about how often they are running (or even just running around the playground or backyard for long durations). Chances are they are not getting a chance for their bodies to adapt and improve. The most improvement and success with our participants has come from those who attend 2-3 times a week regularly.

How long are practices and what do you do at a practice?

Practices are 45-60 minutes. Depending on your child's needs, they may stay for the entire practice or for a shorter amount of time as works for them. A typical practice starts with a short jog/walk as a group for warm up, followed by drills. Then we break into groups to do our main workout. We come together again at the end for some fun short sprints or relays and/or circuit exercises, followed by an easy short jog/walk, then stretching. Total distance is typically 1-3 miles depending on athlete.  Weeknight practices in Cambridge utilize the grass hill for hill repeats, or as part of our cross country course runs. During cross country season, the main workout may be practice running a cross country type course, following cones through fields. Winter indoor season will include more focus on strength and skills, and shorter distance running.

Do I need to be there while my child is practicing?

This is dependent on your child's needs.  Please discuss with the head coach at your first practice.

Do I need to run with my child?

No, however, if we are short on volunteers and you are able to participate, it would be helpful.  You can pair up with someone else if you prefer your child not run with you (recommended). 

Will someone be with my child?

We have parents and volunteers to run with those who needs support. This may be one-on-one or in a small group. Please notify the head coach at your first practice of any needs your child has and if they need constant supervision.

Can everyone participate in races?

Everyone may participate in road races. There are minimum requirements for participating in track and field, cross country, and wheelchair racing. (Eg.: You must be able to complete 1 mile in under 14 minutes to participate in cross country.)  Coaches will decide when an athlete is ready to participate in events with minimum requirements.

Is there a fee?

There is no required fee for regular programs. A suggested donation (listed on Programs Page) is appreciated. The is a nominal fee for additional programs (also listed on Programs Page). Race fees are paid by participant. Scholarships are available for program fees and race fees to those needing financial assistance. Please let either AJ or Matt know if you need assistance. 

How long does the program go?

We have regular practice in winter, spring, and fall, and camp opportunities during the summer. You can join us all year or for individual seasons. Once you sign up, you are considered an active team member through the end of that year. Please visit our Calendars page for the schedule.

How do I sign my child up?

Sign up online (here), or come out to a practice to try it out first and meet the team and coaches. You will need to complete the Athlete Registration/Waiver form and Medical form.

Do you offer plans for running outside of Verge practices?

As requested.  Training plans may be provided for:

INDIVIDUALS who wish to advance their running, or to maintain a structured routine during a time when they are on break from school teams, or to train for specific events.

FAMILIES looking for direction, structure or motivation to run together on non-practice days.

VOLUNTEERS who have shown a commitment to the team may also request a training plan.