Volunteer Day

Volunteers, parents, and siblings are at the heart of our program. Without you, this isn't possible! We took a little time at our Saturday practices to say

Thank you for being so giving of your time, energy, and spirit!

We also invited people to come out and see what volunteering with Verge is all about. With a team of many individuals who need one-on-one support to reach their potential, the need for volunteers is ever increasing and ongoing so, our work recruiting new volunteers never ends. It was so wonderful to see the new faces out there. The kids had a lot of fun running with you, and you provided guidance they wouldn't have otherwise had. Thank you, from the whole Verge gang! We look forward to you joining us again!

Little by little our support family grows. Ephemeral and shifting is the often nature of volunteerism, but even those whose lives diverge from us, they are still with us, and some come back as they can or as needed. Thank you for your continued support and involvement. I hope that speaks to how rewarding and fun working with the kids and young adults in a recreational and athletic environment can be.

Thanks to Marathon Sports for donating gifts and helping us say thank you. Thanks also to the parents who donated our raffle items. It means a lot to have the extra support of the community and families when needed. And thank you to our youth volunteer, Gavin, for your awesome job manning the sign-in table and calling the raffles! :)

For more info about volunteering with us, contact Amanda Russell at arussell@teamverge.org. Keep up with our whereabouts by visiting the calendar on our website.