2018 Info - Happy Spring!

With our 3rd, and fantastic winter season now behind us, here is info for the rest of 2018. For a recap on the indoor team track meet, go HERE.


Spring Season…SIGN UP now!

April 15 – June 20

Attend any combination of locations/days. 2-3x/week is recommended (Boston area).


N. Cambridge, Danehy Park

Mondays: 6-7pm  |  Wednesdays:  6-7pm

Lexington Center Track

Sundays:  9-10:15am  |  Thursdays:  6-7pm

Concord, Emerson Fields Track

Sundays:  10:45-11:45am

Boylston, Tahanto HS Track

Sundays:  12:45-1:45pm


End of season team events:

June 10 - Run for Lovelane 5K and fun run in Weston.

June 17 – Team Meet, Lexington (Boylston group – we will take a vote on joining Lex. or holding a separate event in Boylston.)





Summers have been very lightly attended with everyone on vacations. Enjoy the sun and stay active!


This is a one-week evening program in July, Mon-Fri at the Lexington Track and Battle Road Trail.  If there are enough people interested, we will hold a second week to accommodate. More info on the programs page of the website, or talk with AJ if you are interested! Sign ups will start in late May.




Sept. 9 – Nov. 11

SCHEDULE TO BE DETERMINED  (most likely to be the same as Spring Season)

 If you are interested in Cross Country, this is the season!

We will participate in the Mayor’s Cup at Franklin Park in October again. If there is enough interest, we may also run at the Wayland XC Fest in October.

End of season team road race will most likely be the Sleepy Hollow 5K + Fun Run in Concord again…everyone has such great time at that, and the course is flat!




 Adaptive Motor Skills for Strength & Sport

Our current session ends mid April. Keep an eye out for upcoming sessions at the Lexington Community Center.

Classes are led by our volunteer, Julie Goff, who is a pediatric physical therapist. Classes will be age appropriate; we hope to break them into 2 separate classes in the future:

Kids, ages 5-10  |  Teens and young adults, ages 11+

(The age split is not a hard line. Those on the edge may choose which session is more appropriate for them. There will be more emphasis on core strength and focusing on good form in the older session.)


Group/Family Trail runs

Get together for some group runs on the trails!

Trails offer a great way to just go at your own pace, spend time together, and enjoy the outdoors.

Suggested: Mark ½ mile or 1 mile stretch along a path; put a parent, or someone not running, at each end, and put a parent, or someone not running, with water halfway. Let the group run together, or at their own pace. They will pass each other often. This is how we do it at run camp, and everyone has a great time!

Interested?...get some families together, or let me know and I will coordinate!

GREAT TRAILS that are fairly flat, wide and safe (packed sand/dirt):

1. Battle Road Trail in Lincoln/Concord along Rte 2A (start from Minuteman Visitor’s Ctr, or Paul Revere Site for flattest part of trail.)

2. Mass Central Rail Trail in West Boylston.


Also New...



Finally. I have put them together and will begin encouraging their use! You can now go to the Logbooks tab on the maine menu bar.

Why? Logbooks put it all into perspective and keep you in touch with your running. They make it personal; they enforce ownership of your running.

Kids and adults, regardless of cognitive ability, benefit! Logs are a fun, fantastic tool and sidekick. Even if the most you can do is note the weather, how far you went, and maybe how you felt, you have a wonderful record and pattern of your activity and progress to look back on with pride. 

Keeping a log of your running can help to:

·      keep you motivated, develop routine, learn persistence

·      track your progress over weeks, months, and years

·      find patterns: patterns of motivation; possible causes of injury; fatigue and overtraining

Whether you thrive on recording details or find it mundane and pointless, in time you will have a very cool record of how you progressed, where you went wrong, where you went right, and even if you don't keep at it...years from now you may look back at it with a sense of nostalgia, pride, and rekindled motivation.

Instead of issuing books to each member, I have decided to post the pages individually online. This way, you can keep your logbook as you wish and just print out new pages when you need them, and it helps keep our costs down. Size: 8.5 x 11. I suggest using a 3 ring binder. I welcome any feedback on how this is working out for you and any suggestions for changes, including graphics that would be helpful for our crew that communicates with images! 

Logs will be encouraged at practices, and required at camp.



also available on the menu bar of website


INSTRUCTIONS: Input your total mileage for each day you run. Write in the weekly total at the end of the week. Write in the monthly total at the end of the month. The calendar is kept very general in order to be adapted to any year.


available soon...

This page has all kinds of helpful, general info! Print it and keep it in your logbook for reference:

·      Track and race distances

·      What happens to your body when you run

·      Important tips for performing your best

·      Injury and injury prevention info


Fill these out every time you run. In the Workout Details section, you should include any of the following that apply:

·      specific workout details (what did you do)

·      pacing info, and notable times if you timed anything

·      goals

·      accomplishments & challenges

·      who you ran with

·      anything else you want to note


Happy spring! See you at the track and park soon. 

(April showers...just a reminder that we run in light rain, cancel in heavy rain.)