2018 Mayor's Cup XC Races

Fantastic day at Mayor’s Cup XC! Cross country is a ton of fun, and a unique challenge in running. This event is a blast and gives our kids an opportunity to run with their own age groups, and experience what it’s all about. It speaks to those with a competitive streak while also challenging everyone at their own level. If nothing else gets you, the second half of Bear Cage Hill will!

Five kids made it out yesterday on a chilly, rainy morning. (A few were sick - we missed you!) Thankfully, the rain ended by 9 and it turned into a great morning. We met up, got our bibs, preview walked the course together, kept warm with some jogging and a few drills, then it was go time. Everyone was nervous, but they were excited and had a lot of fun! And they did awesome!!

Congrats to Ted, Tony, Zadie, Avery, and Gavin! This was everyone’s first XC race except for Ted, who PR’d his time by 2.5 minutes! So for the most part, it was just about getting out there and doing it yesterday, and for a couple, proving to themselves that they CAN.

Thanks so much to Reza for guide running!

So much fun. Great job everyone!