Volunteer for the fun, the exercise, to make a difference, to inspire and be inspired. A unique opportunity to connect with some amazing people and help them grow, be included, and enjoy running!

Meaningful opportunity for students to earn community service hours.

We need:

  • RUN BUDDIES/PEER COACHES - Adults and teens, siblings too. Run with individuals at practices and races. Most of our runners have developmental challenges, and many may need you to: simplify instructions; help them stay focused or offer frequent prompts or cues; assist them with their drills, exercises, and stretching; and of course lots of encouragement.

    Most of our team is age 7-20, all athletic abilities.

  • COACHES - Experienced athletes or coaches to coach groups in Running, Hurdles.

  • PT/OT's, SPECIAL EDUCATORS, BEHAVIORISTS share your experience and specialized skill sets with our runners at practices.

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“We can’t do it without you!”