don't miss it...VOLUNTEER DAY!!

Wed. Oct 18 & Sat. Oct 21 (Rain Date: Nov 4 - Same Saturday Times)

VOLUNTEERS - This day is to celebrate you! You are the heart of our program. thank you.

Haven't volunteered with us before?...Come on out to meet us, and see what it's all about. Bring your friends/co-workers/teammates and your running shoes (all abilities...walkers, runners, and coaches too!) Ages 14+. 

What to expect:

A fun hour+ with some awesome peeps, a chance to win some cool prizes (including a Garmin Forerunner 230), treats, and a little exercise too, of course. We'll assign you to a runner or a small group. Nervous?..don't be...we're cool and harmless (just don't sprint if you're "old" and haven't done it in a while ;).

We do a total of 1-3 miles depending on the individual. That mileage is broken into segments: warm up, endurance segment, sprints/relays. We finish the workout with core exercises and a balance/hopping routine, followed by stretching.

Our team is between the ages of 7 and 30, most are between 7 and 16. They all like pals to run with. Many need assistance with drills, exercises, and stretching, instruction clarification, staying focused, and encouragement. Most communicate verbally, some do not. Some are slow runners, some are fast. All of them are awesome. 

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