• COURSE MARSHALING - Stand along course to help direct runners, watch for any issues, report any issues to race leaders, help control traffic. A few people will also need to help at the relay hand-offs and kids race starts.
  • REGISTRATION - Register runners and hand out bibs and Tshirts to pre-registered runners
  • SIGNAGE - Help mark course and put up signage
  • KICKBALL - help organize and oversee...play too if you want!
  • TRAFFIC CONES - Place 300 traffic cones along road
  • SET UP - Hang banners, set up tables and chairs, assemble panels for exhibit (screw footplates into bottom of panels)
  • WATER STATIONS - pour water into cups and set on table for runners to take.  Clean up area when race is over.
  • NO PREFERENCE - tell me where you need me