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fall 2018: sept 9 - nov 11

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If this is your first time attending in 2018, please also complete the Waiver and Medical forms. You may bring those with you to your first practice, or email them to You only need to complete those forms once each calendar year.

A suggested donation of $25 per individual/family is appreciated to help cover costs of facilities and operations. You may make donations at any time. How to Make a Donation

Looking forward to seeing you out there!  - Coach AJ

** There is no auto-responder for these forms. I try to reply with confirmations once a week. ** 

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For your benefit and the benefit of the team, it is recommended that you commit to attending every week; twice a week is best. If you cannot attend regularly, you may attend as a "drop-in" participant. Please note that regular participants will receive priority when assigning volunteers. Drop-Ins may need to come with someone to run with their child if needed since we cannot guarantee a buddy. Workouts will be planned for regular attendees. Drop-Ins may join as they wish and see fit.
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